THE FOUNDER/PRINCIPAL OF COTESA believes in BOOKS. Students are encouraged to READ . Dixon James wrote and published the following books and textbooks.

  MINISTERS MANUAL BY DIXON JAMES ( hard cover). COST R250(incl.p&p). Email orders with payment. Contents: Weddings Funerals (Christians, Non Christians, Creamation & Hymns) Dedication ( children;house;vehicle;busi

  TEXTBOOKS are well bound to A4 &A5 size. Textbooks are included with fees. Diploma in Ministry students receive 23 textbooks which contain about 36 subjects and 6 other books to complete assignments. Diploma in Ministry students rec

BOOKS BY DIXON JAMES CODE TITLE PRICE (S.A.Rands) Y01 Youth Guide for Action discontinued Y02 Youth Thru Gen

BOOK REVIEW Addictions and Answers: Dixon James. Publisher. 2014. No of pages. Drug addiction in South Africa is one of our biggest social problems. SA drug statistics indicate that drug consumption in South Africa is twice the world norm. It i