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      Registration Number: 2013/184521/07  Est. 2003.  



To Teach and Train Leaders Today for Tomorrow

COTESA Diplomas are accepted for a degree program by two Accredited Institutions in S.A. (T’s & C’s apply)

(ALL the details MUST be completed for acceptance).

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  Select course: Theology
  Dip.Biblical Counselling Pastoral Ministry
Diploma Theology (3 yrs.) 
1st yr R2000.00 in full
 2nd yr R2000.00 in full
3rd yr R2000.00 in full
Options: Pay in 4 installments or in full per year for all 8 subjects in one book
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministry (1 yr.)
 R2200.00 in full
  • Diploma in Biblical Counselling (1 yr.)
R2500.00 in full
  • Advanced Diploma in Theology (1yr.) 
R1500.00 in full
  Course enrolled for (see Table) :

Fees: Includes Registration & course fees; study material; Transcript  Diploma. Cost for Graduation Ceremony not included. 

No one is permitted to collect fees from students. Students to make bank deposits.


Fees to be deposited or paid electronically into COTESA account .Print your name under “Reference.”

Bank Details: COTESA. FNB. Branch Code:220228 Account  Number: 62527761036


I have read the T’s & C’s for the studies and do understand the contents of this Registration form and do hereby affix my signature voluntarily to comply with the T’s & C’s and to engage in studies.

  COTESA is a distance learning Institute .Students attending classes at a satellite centre are required to pay an additional FEE to cover lecturers travel costs.
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Complete and email to or fax to 039-6824477.

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Office : 0612012279

Principal: Dixon James 0833812233

College of Theological Education S.A. P.O. Box 1083 Port Shepstone 4240 Tel/fax (039) 6824477/4

Founder/Principal: DIXON JAMES. Dip.Ch.Educ; B.A. M.Th;M.A; Can.D.Th (UFH). Para-professional Counsellor Ref.7026 (ACC in SA)



All applicants must FIRST read and accept the college policy before submitting the Registration Form 

  1. Once an application is received, it may be accepted or rejected. The college decision is final. There would be no further discussion.
  2. The reasons for rejecting an application maybe that:
  • Some information on the application form has not been filled or is incorrect.
  • The Applicant is unable to afford the required fees
  • Applicant did not submit a letter of recommendation for he/she is not attending a local church
  • The Applicant cannot convince the college of his/her conversion and calling
  • The Applicant's  motives to study are ulterior and unchristian
  • The charactr and witness of the Applicant is in question

       3. If an applicant is successful , he/she must comply with the College Rules and Regulations:

  • Fees must be paid on due dates. Failure to pay would result in disqualification from continuing with studies
  • Assignments must be submitted on due dates
  • Exams must be written with the whole class on due dates